Meet the community that is re-inventing the local startup ecosystem.

We believe...

in the great potential of Bonn. With its many businesses from small shops to SMEs to large international corporations. With its many educational facilities from schools, to academies to universities and impactful research facilities. With its unique history and many governmental institutions. With its international population and a great quality of live.

We support...

new ideas, young entrepreneurs and disruptive mindsets. We’re a grassroots movement ourselves so we understand a lot about the struggles of following your own path. Working against all odds, applying mental strength and a fair bit of creativity is our natural habit.

We Encourage...

people, founders, business and politics to invest into their own city. By constantly promoting our startup spirit we encourage people and businesses to invest into the potential which is on our doorsteps. At the same time our international perspective aims to foster international collaborations and open new markets to Bonn-based businesses.

New ways...

We’re an open-minded and international community welcoming supporting entrepreneurs of all kinds and from all branches. Some ideas sustain a few salaries, some redefine an entire industry. Best case: they all challenge the status quo!



This is what we love to do:


We curate and organize the most amazing startup events in town! Jokes aside, what we aim for is highlighting different areas of Bonn’s diverse startup scene – one at a time. Spending our efforts bringing together all key partners to maximize networking effects. While doing that we always make sure that fun is never cut short. So, loosen up before you join!


In the fast moving jungle of the digital startup world we’d like to provide an overview of what’s essentially happening in places. Be it job/business or co-founding opportunities. Never miss out on what’s going on in this town. Join our channels and stay updated!


Building a successful startup business requires you putting yourself and your product out there. Making new connections to users, customers, partners, marketers, influencers, investors, employees – you name it. You’d be surprised how many matches you can already find in this community. So, get on board and start networking today!


If you buy into our vision we’d love to welcome you as a partner of StartupBonn. Startup is not a trend it’s a new way of business and it’s never too late to catch up. Together we can bring up the investment necessary to put Bonn on the international startup map!



Meet the people behind StartupBonn.

Team is merely the term that’s expected at this point. Truth be told StartupBonn has benefited from the efforts of many. Since it’s humble beginnings in 2013 this community grew from just a few like-minded young professionals to a large number of entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Today a core team of people do the ground work, organize kick-ass events and establish new collaborations. However, the most important ingredient is provided and transported by all of us: Which is the startup spirit.


Andrada Sirbu

Co-Founder, Events & Communication


Cedric Teichmann

Co-Founder, Events & Partnerships


Haider Ghaleb



Raghu Vinod

Member/Supporter, Events & Marketing






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